Month: June 2020

“SIGNED OR RELEASED”: The Dream of Young Players

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Can they make this event from a football school stadium to a professional stadium? This year is a time to fight hard.
The web series “SigedorReleased” was co-founded by tag heuer replica and Red Bull Media Studio to track the daily lives of coach Robert Klauß and his players replica tag heure and replica tag heuer. These young players of the Leipzig Red Bull U19 team are determined to withstand the pressure during the long season to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

Fight against pressure and play hard.
Young players want to be fake tag heuer players, but time is precious, and competition is fierce.

Breakthrough hard
Players train a lot of training day and night.

Moment of glory
best tag heuer replica watches Someone who brings good advice and bad news.

Too much interference
Fate may be decided within 90 minutes.

Choose your own battlefield.
Penalties, volleys, free kicks: Practice makes perfect.