Tag Heuer Replica Becomes Partner of Swiss Space System S3 Flight Plan

Tag Heuer Replica

Swiss Space Systems (S3) announces that it will launch an Airbus A340-300 with a Replica Tag Watches branded jet under its ZeroG flight program and launch the flight globally Planned promotional activities.

On February 20, 1962, the American astronaut John Glenn wore a Best Tag Heuer Replica Watches chronograph and boarded the “FriendShip 7” rocket, which also made Tag Heuer Replica the world’s No. 1 A Swiss watchmaking brand in space.

A new and unique experience-“Open space to all”: This flight plan will provide the public with entry-level zero-gravity flight experience. Fully launched in more than 15 locations around the world.an unprecedented flight journey The first phase of the flight will take place in Switzerland in September.followed by the official launch in the United Arab Emirates, and the experience will open in Asia and North America.

The top club in the cloud: the original configuration of the classic A340 Airbus, which has the flexibility to adapt to various routes, can fly at the height of 300 meters above sea level, at Matterhorn or Mont Blanc Free shuttle.
Collaboration with distinctive pioneers: Fake Tag Heuer will not only appear in the advertising campaign of the program but will inject the pioneering spirit and innovative practices in the deep-rooted brand concept into the cooperation with the Swiss space system. Produces the unique Replica Tag Heure S3 watch, which will also serve as an exclusive “boarding pass” for boarding Airbus. After boarding, passengers will be required to wear special equipment and leave watches, jewelry, and other valuables on the ground.

The most beautiful “boarding pass” in the world

Black Fake Tag Heuer Watch Chrono Formula 1 chronograph, equipped with quartz movement, with a precision of one-tenth of a second, made of titanium carbide coated steel. The minute track I marked with a red 25-second time scale, which is the length of time that passengers are weightless during air travel.

All passengers can leave their watches as a commemoration to witness this extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

The zero-gravity flight plan created by the Swiss space system, with the entry-level and reasonable price of the gravity-free flight, makes more and more people feel the extraordinary experience of being in space. Replica Tag Heuer’s concept of the close connection between the brand and the consumer makes this cooperation unique and innovative. And this bold adventure has just begun. Meet us in September for more follow-up plans.